Get Solar PV Panels in Yorkshire.


You could generate income and savings of up to £1000 per year if you get a solar photovoltaic system installed by Yorkshire based installers - YES Renewables.

The Governments Feed in Tariff will pay you 21p for every unit of electricity you generate. So the bigger your solar system, the more cash you will receive.

Although south facing roofs will give the best results, you can still make good money if your house faces East of West. Try our online solar cash back calculator to find out how much money your roof could produce.

YES Renewables are solar PV specialists with an expert knowledge of the Yorkshire region. If you’re looking for a local MCS accredited solar PV installer that guarantees excellent customer service, call YES Renewables today on 0800 952 0036.

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YES Energy Solutions

YES Renewables has now rebranded to YES Energy Solutions. A decision was taken to rename the company following the launch of the Green Deal.



Helping Hard to Treat Homes

YES Renewables is now fully PAS 2030 accredited under Green Deal to deliver hard to treat insulation measures.